Brooks Stairlift - Safety Features

Brooks Stairlifts come with a host of safety features as standard. These safety features will protect you and anyone else who uses the staircase, from injury or harm. It's important if you are looking for a 'cheap deal' that you don't overlook the essential safety features.

All Brooks Stairlifts have the following safety features as standard:

  1. Inertia reel seat belt
  2. Pressure-sensitive safety sensors
  3. Smooth start / stop motion,
  4. Limit sensors,
  5. Lockable on/off switch,
  6. DC Power,
  7. Mechanical and electrical braking systems,
  8. Swivel seat.

When you buy a stairlift from Brooks Stairlifts, not only will you be getting the most competitively priced stairlift on the market, but the lift will come with the most advanced safety features available as standard.

Stairlift Safety Features the basics:

Brooks Stairlifts come fitted with an inertia reel seatbelt, which are identical to those fitted in cars. This enables the seatbelt to automatically retract when not in use, giving you that extra confidence on your journeys up or down the staircase.

Our stairlifts have built in safety sensors that automatically stop the stairlift if anything is in the way of its journey up or down the stairs. These sensors are highly effective and will therefore detect anything around the footrest of the stairlift that could potentially be a hazard when the stairlift is in use. This stops any unecessary accidents from happening.

Smooth start and stop feature - This is essential for everyone but particularly those who may suffers with a bad back. It eliminates any jolting at the start and end of each journey. This eliminates the risk of injury through jerky start stop motions.

Our Brooks Lincoln Stairlifts has limit sensors - These are fitted on the rail at the top and bottom and make sure that the stairlift always stops in the correct position on the staircase. The Brooks Stairlift has a soft stop and start feature, so at the end of every journey there will be no jolt.

Brooks Stairlift have a key to lock the lift off or on - This is particularly useful with children, as it prevents anyone from using or activating the stairlift in an unsafe manner.

Battery powered (DC) stairlifts - There is no mains power voltage on the stairlift itself, as they run off batteries of only 24 volts. There is no risk of receiving an electric shock when the stairlift is operating.

Brooks stairlift have both mechanical and electrical braking systems - This prevents the stairlift descending out of control, in the unlikely chance that there is a motor failure.

Brooks stairlift are equipped with a swivel seat that locks in position - A swivel seat turns and locks into position, allowing the stairlift user to dismount in safety both at the top and bottom of the stairs. A swivel seat also acts as a barrier, preventing the user from potentially falling back down the stairs.

All Brooks Stairlifts exceed the highest levels of the British Safety Standards, European Safety Directives, and US & Canada's regulations.

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